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Top 9 Tips to Procure the Best Travel Insurance
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Top 9 Tips to Procure the Best Travel Insurance


It is a known fact that when people plan a trip, their search bar rarely ever consists of a search for best travel insurance online. While an International Trip is on everybody’s planner, international travel insurance plans never make it to the last priority also.  However, as a wise traveler, do not avoid getting travel insurance and when you do, do not take it merely as just another document. Rightly, you should be spending as much time on travel insurance as you do while selecting a destination, your accommodation options and your mode of transport.

Even though it seems very easy to depend on your travel agent and get a policy in your mailbox, selecting the best travel insurance online or even through an agent requires thorough research. There are various criteria that you need to keep in mind while finalizing your option. The task can get tricky because there is no shortage of options, especially when you consider international travel insurance plans. But, with the following tips, you can definitely pick the best travel insurance online or even from an agent. Here are the top nine tricks for you to keep in mind while choosing the best coverage for your trip:

1. Let the Destination Determine the Cover You Need

Your destination decides the medicare you should opt for, and that is the one thing you need to understand about the cover that travel insurance provides. Take this situation into consideration- when you apply for a visa to Italy, is it as expensive as the United States or Great Britain? Are the flight tickets similarly priced? Well, when your destination determines your entire budget, then it is unwise to think that one travel insurance is fit for all the places in the world. For example, the United States and Canada are very strict about the travel insurances that you submit during your visa approval process.


You cannot visit these countries with a negligible amount spent as a premium, because the medical bills in these countries (if you need to opt for a medical service) are much more expensive than most countries in the world. The authorities need to run a strict check on your financial background to grant you an access to these countries and then if you buy an insurance which does not offer to cover the medical bills in your destination, then you would end up spending a lot more money on your health as compared to the rest of the trip. But, you do not need to worry because the best of international travel insurance plans make sure that you get the best deals and cover the conditions that you may need to spend on during your trip.

2. Analyze the Duration and Frequency of Your Travel

One of the essential tips to keep in mind while considering the best travel insurance online plans is to see the duration your policy is willing to cover. Many insurance policies may require a minimum duration or may include your trip only up to a certain extent. However, this does not happen very often and depending upon your length of travel; you can check out the best plans available to secure your trip.

It is a known fact that the longer the duration of your travel is, the higher the premium would be. Now, at an average, a single trip visa would be much more reasonable than a multi-trip. But as a frequent flyer, if you opt for single trip insurance, then you would end up spending a lot more than you would on a multi-trip. So as a business traveler, it is much more affordable for you to opt for annual trip insurance instead of single trip insurance every time. Hence, while speaking to a policy agent or while trying to figure out an international travel insurance plan for yourself, remember to look for all of the available options and then pick which is the most suitable for you.

3. Group Travel? Get Great Deals on Domestic and International Travel Insurance Plans

In India, everybody is looking for discounts. Especially when it comes to bulk shopping and purchases, everybody wants to see how they can save up their own money. The whole principle of insurance is that the nominees get the advantage or there is enough money for the policyholder or her/his dependents in times of need. This fundamental applies even to travel insurances because you can get a policy where you don’t only get discounts but also get various benefits for traveling with your family.


These particular family international travel insurance plans cover your entire family at a much more affordable price than what the cost would be for every single person when you scout for best travel insurance online. This scheme applies even for corporates when they are planning a trip for a lot of employees. They can take advantage of the various discounts available not only while booking tickets or booking hotels but also while buying travel insurances. Even an amount as low as 1000 rupees becomes lump sum when 50 employees are traveling. For such situations, various trusted companies have come up with schemes to give everyone the advantage of great travel insurance. So, you just need to figure the best plan suiting to your needs and then buy it accordingly.

4. Let your Itinerary Decide the Plan

It is an underlying fact that a proper itinerary can make or break a trip completely. If you do not plan ahead of time, then you are sure to get into some or the other problem during your trip. However, your itinerary holds even more importance when it comes to choosing the right travel insurance. You cannot just pick the most basic plan that covers your trip cancellation and provides you with services such as dental expense without considering the other domestic or international travel insurance plans.

Now, a basic plan sounds perfect and fits for you if you are merely visiting a destination to hang out in the hotel and are not planning to go out much. But suppose you are going to New Zealand to try out all the adventure activities in the world, and then you pick a plan that is most suitable for Bali, then that is quite a big mistake. When it comes to an itinerary filled with adventures, you need to get a plan with great accidental coverage. In fact, although this advice sounds very morose, getting a plan that ensures repatriation of a dead body is also crucial. The most basic fundamental on which the insurance industry thrives is that the policyholder cannot predict what happens in the future. S/he needs a plan wherein he is safe and secure to face all emergencies head-on, something all the best travel insurances offer.

5. Take Your Health and Age Into Account

You can learn about your eligibility for procuring insurance by comparing it with the working principle of a credit card. If you do not have enough money in your bank accounts to show, then the credit card company would have millions of inhibitions in issuing you a credit card. It is the same with a health insurance company. It is challenging for any insurance company to promise you a cover if they are not able to earn the needful amount with the premium. Similarly, when you do in-depth research of the options for best travel insurance online, you will find that your eligibility is going to vary as per your age and the health conditions.


For instance, consider a scenario of a young heart patient who wants to get insurance for their trip to Switzerland. However, their itinerary reflects attractions like Jungfrau or say, Mount Titlis or an excursion through the Alps. In such a case, the travel insurance issuer would definitely ask them about their medical records if they are offering you a medical coverage of a substantial amount. If you reveal your heart condition, they might reject it, or they may give you a lesser coverage. But if they hide this condition, then the insurance companies do have legal clauses which would not allow the policyholder to reveal their condition in time of need suddenly. Similarly, you need to inform about your age too. As a senior citizen, you do not have a lot of options for insuring yourself with medical coverage. However, with companies that offer best travel insurance online, you definitely will find a choice that matches your needs. All you need to do is research thoroughly.

6. Make an in-Depth Comparison

Various insurance companies are offering the same product in the same range which is bound to get you confused. But, all you need to do is figure out your requirement, see your eligibility and then see which plan is offering you the best of features in the most affordable prices. Single trip insurance by Bajaj Allianz has the same features as the Apollo Munich single traveler policy, but since they are competitors- there may be a deal on one which will work out for you much better than the other one. The point is that it does not take more than a dedicated hour of research to pick the right option for yourself, but avoiding this task would be more of a loss to you, and you may indeed end up needing it in the middle of your trip.

7. Evaluate the Premium Properly

Another essential pointer to remember while procuring the best travel insurance online or even through an agent is to get an idea about the cover as well as the premium you need to pay for it. Your premium calculation will be based on the evaluation of the following factors:


  • The sum that is insured
  • The type of plan you take (for instance, single trip or for only Asia Travel),
  • Add-ons on the coverage offered
  • Your age and health
  • The duration of your travel
  • The travel destination (on the basis of how expensive it is)

Once the issuer calculates all of these factors, then he will suggest different plans for you which will have different premiums. You can then go to the next step before deciding on the final option.

8. Read All the Features Carefully

This is not just any usual disclaimer that comes with all policies. You need to read all the features carefully before choosing an option for yourself. In fact, if you feel there is any potential emergency which will of most use to you then remember to take a screenshot of that or keep it somewhere accessible. For example, if you are renting a vehicle and you have opted for insurance that gives you coverage for rental vehicle access, then keep that clause ready with you to quote it during the time of claim if you need to make it during an emergency.

9. Go for a Trusted Name, Especially While Considering International Travel Insurance Plans

We are not saying that the other products are wrong or do not give all that they promise. But the names mentioned above have proven themselves with utmost career satisfaction and provided the best service year after year. When it comes to domestic travel, you can go for the most affordable plan as opposed to a costly plan that covers everything (depending on the kind of trip you are taking though) but when you are travelling out of the country, having a trusted name across the telephone will really be of great help when you need.


In a nutshell!

All you need to do to procure the right travel insurance is to take out time, shed off the inhibitions about not needing travel insurance and then picking the right one either through the options available for best travel insurance online or through an agent if that makes you more comfortable. However, do not avoid this and ensure that you are insured with the right coverage so that you can enjoy your vacation without any hassle. With the perfect itinerary and an ideal policy, you will be able to enjoy your trip thoroughly.


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