How can I motivate myself to exercise when I’m too lazy to do it? mr | M R SAMEER KHAN
How can I motivate myself to exercise when I’m too lazy to do it? mr
How can I motivate myself to exercise when I’m too lazy to do it? mr

By using one of my founding principles. Act. Take action. I don’t care how little you do but it is better to do one second of exercise than nothing at all.

I write about this all the time. Your problem isn’t that you are lazy.(You are lazy) Your problem is that you aren’t willing to act. If you follow the steps I am about to lay down to you than you will get results and be healthier and happier for it.

I want you to understand that today your resolve is weak. Your self discipline is non-extent. If you have personal goals outside work and school drop them. Focus only on improving your self discipline. I promise that if you try to do two things at once you will fail.

You will flounder and fall flat on your face. Your goal is to make your work ethic strong.

Choose a single exercise that you want to do and enjoy. For example squats, running, push-ups or if your are really daring pull ups. You will train at home so that you have absolutely zero excuse on why you didn’t hit a session.

You will buy a calendar. The real kind that you put on your wall with a nail. Everyday you workout you will put an X on that calendar and for everyday you fail you will mourn. Each failure will weight on your soul the way murder does.

Every time you fail to hit a session it is one hundred percent your fault. You will take on the bitterness and you will grow from it. You will teach yourself to move forward not out of the need to improve but because it is more painful to fail. You are sick of failing and that disgust, fear and hate of failing will be your fuel.

Step 2:

You will exercise everyday and add two repetitions. You will start at one. So if you are running you will run for one minute. Than every single session you will add two minutes.

You will make sure that in every session you make a small improvement. If you where doing 10 mins of running at speed 5 today than you are doing 10 mins of running at speed 6 tomorrow.

I don’t know what exersise you chose but I want you to make small meaningful leaps ever single session. Ignore nutrition, ignore sleep and anything else that will give you an excuse.

You may tell yourself that I shouldn’t even try because…

  • I won’t grow
  • It is only a minute
  • Running for only 1 minutes doesn’t matter
  • I have a million things I would rather do

IGNORE THESE THINGS. Focus on the moment believe in my plan and when you are running a marathon you will feel better for it.

If for one second you think that running for just a minute is beneath you. Than that is your problem. You have to put your ego in the closet and acknowledge the reality.

Step 3:

You should try to turn this into a habit. Go to you tube and watch a video about the habit book. In it the author gives you a framework on how to create habits. Transform this into a habit and I promise that you will be able to exercise.

Everyday make sure to show up and do your one exercise. Keep it as simple as possible and make sure to show up everyday. Consistency work is better than hark work remember that.

If you make a change in your life and take a step forward. I am happy.252 Views · View 2 Upvoters

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