Big Arms Workout Add 1/2″ To Your Arms In 1 Month | M R SAMEER KHAN
Big Arms Workout  Add 1/2″ To Your Arms In 1 Month
Big Arms Workout Add 1/2″ To Your Arms In 1 Month

By M R Sameer Khan

You read that right! This routine, if followed to the letter, will add ½” to your pythons in 1 month, guaranteed! Impossible you say? Read on my friend, read on, and open yourself to a new world of respect from both men and women.

The Routine:


First, I will outline the routine, then I will provide specific dietary and supplement guidelines. The routine is as follows:

Preacher Curl Cable Curls (or machine curls if you have access) Curl-Grip Chins

Perform the above giant set with no rest in between exercises. All exercises are to be performed with strict form, especially the cable (or machine) curls. If you use a cable apparatus, use a straight bar attachment that lets you take a comfortable width grip. Make sure to move through a full ROM. Pause at the top, and give a powerful squeeze to really peak-contract the biceps. Perform 8 reps to failure for the first two movements. On the chins, go until positive failure. If you are unable to perform any chins, you may use curl-grip pulldowns as a substitution exercise. Do this giant set twice, with 2-3 minutes rest between each giant set. After the second set, wait a minute or two ,and then proceed with a set of negative only (your partner will lift the weight into the top position) standing barbell curls with a straight bar. Lower the weight in approximately 6 seconds, and perform 6 reps. By the end of this biceps routine, your biceps should feel as though they are going to burn into cinders, and/or explode from the amazing pump.


Close-Grip Bench Press Pulley Pushdown Dips

Perform this giant set in the same manner as described above for biceps. Again, use a full ROM and perform 8 reps to failure for the first two sets (if you select too heavy a resistance the first time, merely adjust for your next workout). If you are able to perform more than 8 reps, train to failure and increase the resistance by roughly 5% for your next workout. Dip until positive failure. Do this giant set twice. If you are unable to perform dips, you may substitute pushups. After the second giant set, perform one final set of pressdowns. This will be a breakdown set. Start with a resistance you can perform 4-5 reps with, then immediately reduce the resistance by 25% and perform as many reps as possible, then reduce the weight one final time by an additional 30% and go until failure. At this point, your arms will feel like Sergio Oliva’s.

The balance of your workout will be very limited. Perform the exercises listed below in the exact order, with no additional sets:

dumbbell or barbell pullover; 1 set (warmup first) x 10 reps

A note on these, perform them with a slight bend in the elbow, and do not turn the movement into a triceps exercise. If you are using your triceps to any appreciable degree, you are using too much resistance. As you perform this movement, consciously contract your lats throughout the movement. This exercise requires strict form and concentration in order to adequately train the lats, which is the point of doing the movement in this routine.


barbell squat; 1 set (warmup first) x 10 reps

Calf raises are optional. If you choose to do them, perform only 1 set to failure after warmup (20 reps).

That is it for the balance of the workout. It may seem ridiculously brief, and many of you will be tempted to do more, but don’t! This program involves a purposefully high volume for the biceps and triceps (considering the intensity involved), and very low volume otherwise. In order for your body to be able to super compensate from these incredibly intense arm sessions, it is necessary to perform absolutely minimal exercise for the rest of the body. Remember, the name of this routine isn’t Get Bigger Legs, or Get Jet-Fighter Lats, it is Add ½” to Your Arms in 1 Month.


This routine should be executed once every fourth day (ex: Monday and then again on Friday). Recovery is a very individual thing, with many factors influencing it. You should never train if you are still sore from the previous workout. Some of you may easily recover with the three days of rest, however, some will require more time. That is ok, and if you are not fully recovered, you need to rest. The idea is to gain size, not lose it. Do not train more than once every fourth day. This routine is to be repeated eight times, no more, no less. For those of you able to train every fourth day, you will have completed the routine within one calendar month. You may repeat this routine, but only do so on a very infrequent basis.

Thank You

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